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Coaching Scheme

I believe golf can be enjoyed by all ages.  I started at 6 years of age, with that experience I believe the younger we can start the better!

During the junior coaching sessions there are three things which I ensure;

1. Health and Safety  – To make sure the children are safe at all times

2. Enjoyment –  I believe that children learn more when they are having fun,  therefore I ensure all sessions are designed to challenge and motivate, whilst bringing the enjoyment factor.

3. Learn –  I pride myself in the knowledge that children are constantly improving on their skills, and are always eager to come back.

MONDAY NIGHT – Junior Club from 5.00 pm.   Each week there is trophy to be won which the winning child keeps for a week.

SATURDAY MORNING JUNIOR GOLF ACADEMY – 11.00am to 12.00pm. £5.00 per child.

1 – 1 Coaching Details

1 – 1 Coaching is available for all ages and abilities, (membership of golf club is NOT required for lessons).

Equipment provided where necessary. 

Contact  Matthew Owen via our Pro-shop for further information.

Junior lessons

Junior group lessons will be starting the 1st of November

To register your interest either email Matthew at or call into the pro shop and write down your details on the forms provided and Matthew will be in touch.