Finance Report March 2021

This year has been one of the most challenging on record .We have all had to deal with the disruption of Covid and the pandemic. Plus Brynhill has moved from being managed by a large cumbersome committee to an Executive Management Committee (EMC).

On your behalf I have to thank Nicky our Office Manager and Brian Phillips our Auditor. Nicky was tasked with making online submissions and gathering data for me and chasing up lines of enquiry that were necessary to make grant submissions and engaging in the furlough process. Brian, constantly queried our accountants to make sure our monthly management accounts were accurate and would stand up to external scrutiny. At my request he pursued areas of the clubs financial activity that were giving me cause for concern. Therefore, when we had to make applications for grants and other Covid support packages I was confident that Brynhill would stand up to scrutiny and none of our applications would be deemed to be fraudulent or lacking detail.

At the onset of Covid and lockdowns I made a decision to inform the then committee of what had been done rather than seek their permission to do things. Decisions and processes had to be executed quickly and without debate. I am pleased to inform you that as a result we did not miss a deadline on any of our applications. We were not always successful with our applications but we won more than we lost, and from a financial perspective Wales Golf were of no help.

Last March I made a plea for the membership to support Brynhill by paying their fees, when at the time we did not know when we would return to golf. There was tremendous support and I thank you all for your support.

We have managed to keep on our staff, pay our leases for the machinery, pay our insurances and other fixed overheads. We have furloughed staff where appropriate and it made sense to do so. For example, we kept our green staff working last Spring so that the course was in tip top condition when we returned to golf, we furloughed our green staff in December until mid-February when the weather and ground conditions were atrocious and we were banned from playing.

We normally lose members each year due to age, ill health and we had to add in this year Covid economics. However approximately over 80% rejoined. We have lost money to the tune of £90K in the form of lost green fees, buggy income, society income and bar profit. However, we have gained income in the form of grants, central and local government support received after due application and staff wages being paid through the furlough scheme.

The net result is that we ARE IN THE BLACK. At this time of year we have for many years had loans from members just to keep going. This year we will not have to resort to this. It is always a fluid situation with monies going out and furlough and other monies coming in. But we have a positive cash flow of approximately £20k+. This will be eroded by green staff wages and other overheads necessary to prepare the course for our centennial year.

In short, there is no pot of gold to rebate money back to members. However, your support to date has meant that Brynhill is very much a going concern as we enter our centennial year. We have not had to close the doors and or gone bust like many household names. For that, I thank you the members and ask for your continued support as we get back to normality.

FEES WILL BE FROZEN for this season, buggies will be remain at £5 and you will be able to bring 3 guests free of charge. This will be detailed in a newsletter.

Please note there will be no grace period this year – fees are due by April 30th. If you have not paid by May 1st then your membership ceases.

The EMC inherited some unfulfilled promises. As a result of our due diligence and successful applications for support packages, the promise of names of sponsors being printed on the glass surrounds of the refurbished patio will be done. Despite warnings the ring fenced levy money for greens projects was spent. A ring-fenced amount of approximately £8k has been re-allocated.

Brynhill is a members club and can only survive with the support of its members. My personal view is that those honorary playing members that enjoy free golf on the back of historical achievements should also add their financial support to the tune of full fees to enable us to build for the future.

Therefore, I ask you to look to the future and rejoin this year to keep one of Barry’s longest running institutions viable and healthy and alive for future generations to enjoy.

On behalf of the EMC, and having survived a nasty bout of Covid, I would like to extend our heartfelt sympathies to those that have lost family and friends during the pandemic.

Glenn Taylor (Head of Finance)