Club Rules & Codes of Conduct

Dress Code:

On the course tailored shorts with sports socks, predominantly white, must be worn. Shirts, long or short sleeved, must have collars. Shirts may not be worn outside trousers/shorts.

In the clubhouse smart casual wear should be worn.

Care of the course:

a) Repair pitch marks.

b) Do not take divots with practice swings.

c) Rake bunkers.

d) Replace divots.

e) Use waste bins on course.

f) Obey signs.

g) Do not take buggies or trolleys onto tees, greens or aprons.

Course Boundaries:

White stakes with black tops indicate adjacent out of bounds ditches, and are not out of bounds themselves. The roadway behind the 18th green (if ball is unplayable but not out of bounds, relief may be taken in the dropping zone provided, or rule 28), and on the right hand side of the 18th fairway between Green keepers shed and Clubhouse. White stakes, perimeter ditches (base) and fences, in the event of no perimeter ditch then the hedge is out of bounds. A ball is out of bounds when all of it is in, or beyond any of the aforementioned, whichever comes first. Internal out of bounds: on the left of the new 10th hole a ball in or beyond the ditch (base) which includes the public right of way and the new 13th hole.

Without Penalty

a) If your ball lies in, touches or interferes with the players stance or area of intended swing, relief may be obtained Rule 25-1. On any of the following, heat crack, animal scrape or in a tractor mark.

b) When staked trees, or newly planted trees between the 14th and 15th fairways, interfere with a player’s stance or the area of his intended swing, the ball must be lifted and dropped one club length away from the nearest point of the immovable object – Rule 24-2b(i). Relief must be taken.

c) Relief may be obtained if the ball lies on or touches or interferes with the players stance or area of intended swing on any made-up footpaths, including bridges and steps within the course boundaries.

d) Immovable obstructions – For exmaple, sprinkler heads, seats, ball cleaners, signs, sheds and practice nets etc – relief may be obtained. Rule 24-2 applies.

e) If a ball lies on any green (greens in play or not in play) other than the green being played, including green fringes within one club length, or tees and tee banks which are not in play.

f) Tee Marker Stones. If your ball is within 20 feet on the line of sight to the hole that you are playing, (i.e. the stone between you and the hole), you can obtain relief after consultation with your playing partners. Drop the ball to the nearest point of relief side ways not nearer the hole and within two club lengths.

g) On the putting surface: If an old hole plug interferes with the intended line of putt then relief may be obtained. Rule 16-1c.

h) Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions. Rule 24-1 applies.

i) Embedded ball. A ball embedded through the green (not in a hazard) may be lifted, cleaned and dropped within one club length but not nearer the hole. Players must take relief from all areas marked GUR (Ground Under Repair). Rule 25-1 applies.

GUR – All course workings and bare patches on closely mown areas only, after consultation with your playing partners.